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48kg Getup!
After something like 8 months of basically just using the Flagship program I hit my first 48kg getup yesterday and it felt pretty strong. I was skeptical that my smaller 5'9" 168lb frame could actually make it there, but trusted the progressive overload model and kept grinding. @Grant Anderson and @Sean Griffin if I can do this following a free 4 week cycle from you guys I'm curious what I can accomplish with the Academy. Might have to try it out for a few months.
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44K swings
Today i finally started to implement the 44K Bell to my swings 💪🏼💪🏼 Beast mode
Trust the Process
44kg/97lb Getup today. Slow march towards 48kg continues. Still have things that I'm working on, but awesome to continue the progress.
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Grinding and Leveling Up.
Today, I was excited to receive my new 36kg kettlebell and rang the bell in celebration. I did my first quarter reps in the getup using the new kettlebell, which involves lifting it from the ground to an overhead seated position, holding it there for 3-5 seconds, and then lowering it back to the ground. I am following a version of KT's getup strength progression model that involves using moderate, heavy, and very heavy bells, specifically 28kg, 32kg, and 36kg bells. I have been following a methodical progression for approximately 16 weeks, starting with a very heavy 24kg bell and now pulling in the 36kg with the Free KT. I am feeling much stronger and more confident in my progress. 🧨
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Back i business (almost)
Today i had my first training session in SIX weeks since i broke my wrist …so happy to be back in the sadle although it’s a long road back to the heavy bells
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