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Good afternoon everyone, I think I over exerted myself on a kettlebell workout during the weekend. I was too pump and did 2 workouts. Felt pain on my upper thigh, like a cramp. I massaged it , but anyone got any tips on how to recover faster 😅?
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I NEED help for personal motivation. Trying to lock down my workout days and time for consistency. I'm open to any advice/suggestions you may have. I also feel I have a gap in weight from my moderate to heavy bell. I have a 35lb KB and recently got 60 and 80lb bells on discount. I'm concerned about injury as I progress to not push myself too quick. Re-injury has been one of my setbacks over time, so attempting to move with more wisdom in my health progression.
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Training journal
Just my personal journal to save progress and me “showing up” to do the work 💪🏼 2023-07-07: Warm up Swings: 10x10 36K (EMOM) TGU: 5 x 1/1 32K (1 min rest)
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Flag Ship Program & Workout Journal
Taking a cue from a few other members, I will use this to report on and track my progress in the Four Week Flagship Program. Today is Week 1, Day 1 Kettlebell weight 15lbs - I only have a 15lbs bell, so I will go with what I have until I get my next weight size. Starter 3 Rounds Kettlebell Deadlift 5 Pushup Walkup 5/5 - These kicked my butt; I need to work on upper body strength. Goblet Squat 5 KB Deadbug 5/5 - I really enjoyed these. 2H Swings 10 x 10 - I need to work on my form and focus on my breathing. Getups 5 x 1/1 - I need to work on my form. It also didn't help that my puppies ran all over me like I was a jungle gym when I was on the ground. - I will probably spend a day breaking the Getup down into its parts. I'm left-handed, and sometimes my coordination is off, especially when I start on my right side, so I might have to start on my left side. - I found my coordination was better coming down than getting up. Finisher I love the press. Going from a GS to the press was smooth, like buttah! I hated the side planks, they kicked my butt, and I ended up skipping them, opting for a GS to Halo instead.
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Flagship Upper Body Ladder: A Novel Translation
I have been consistently analyzing the paradigms and frameworks shared by KT on social media, and it's an understatement to say that they contain a treasure chest of training pearls. While they provide the necessary methods for training and progression across multiple movements, further dissection is required to identify the essential and implied tasks needed to create a complete lifelong training regimen. This can only be achieved if individuals are committed and clearly defined their short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals. After dedicating 150 days to the Flagship model, I wanted to incorporate my 35 years of various training experiences and models from other disciplines into KT's approach. As a result, I have created a novel 12-week program founded on the Flagship model. I have translated the roadmap to the 48kg getup and an upper body-focused KB press/pull ladder strategy into the flagship model. The core elements of the Flagship model remain the same: train four times a week, with sessions that last less than 50 minutes, and include an optional "Finisher" for those days when you want to push yourself further. I am excited about this block of training and the strength to follow! Stay tuned here for training updates. ⚒️
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