Swing Secrets ... what have I been waiting for?!
Hey guys,
I joined this group a few months ago... have been away for a couple of weeks due to an injury and am jumping back in. I'm planning to restart the flagship program after Thanksgiving.
Anyways, getting back into the ;) *swing* of things, I decided to finally watch the "Swing Secrets" series in the classroom.
Maaaan I've been missing some amazing content there.
If you've been doing swings, and think you've got it all down, you may find that you still have a bit to learn. I'm going to be working on the stuff I learned in there tonight for the next month or more. I encourage you to open up that folder and watch the videos... probably only 10 minutes total, but each minute has a really important concept that helped me understand swings a ton more.
Thanks and for putting this content out there.
Jake Olson
Swing Secrets ... what have I been waiting for?!
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