Alex Ashcraft
Results: 7months (Stop debating- Go all In!)
Results: 7months (Stop debating- Go all In!)
Alex Ashcraft - 38yr old, Raleigh NC. Business executive, father of two.
I followed Grant for about a year and kept debating the program, so glad I finally committed. Former athlete tired of the starts and stops and not getting results I wanted.
Could not ask for a better experience. The coaches, community, accountability, and support are the secret sauce. Feels like being in a locker room again.
Coming off shoulder surgery in March 2022 I was nervous about injuries, but the program progression was just what I needed.
Down 30lbs since Jan1st
TGU went from 24KG to 44KG (working on 48KG)
Swing went from 32KG to 48KG and its floating !
If you are on the fence, go all in ! Best decision I ever made for my mental and physical health 💪💪💪
We help busy men transform their bodies and get kettlebell strong from home without sacrificing family or career time.
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