One Hundred and Fifty ⚒️
One hundred and fifty days ago, on the twentieth of August in the year 2023, a training program focused on KB was initiated. Since then, notable improvements have been observed, such as an increase in 2H swings from 24 kg to 32 kg for moderate bells and from 28 kg to 36 kg for heavy bells. Additionally, get-ups have progressed from 24 kg half reps to full reps with a heavy 36 kg bell, and chronic shoulder and lower back pain have subsided. Moreover, numbness and pain in the ipsilateral hand and posterior knee, respectively, have vanished, and the symptoms of patellar tendonitis and plantar fasciitis have significantly improved. Furthermore, the unsteadiness in lunging movements has subsided, and the weekly workout time investment has decreased from 360 to 200 minutes.
These improvements are a testament to the power of consistency and dedication to the basics. Let us continue to strive towards our goals, slaying those bells as we do so. ⚒️
Ak Svercek
One Hundred and Fifty ⚒️
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