🔥 Free Case Study: How Alex dropped 30lbs AND level’d up to 48kg Swings & Getups in 16 Weeks
What’s up everyone! In the video below I break down ’s journey with KT and how he saw some pretty wild results in only 4 months.
In the case study I pull back the curtain on how Alex went from:
👨‍💼 A BUSY business executive
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Father of two
❌ with NO time
😰 and a history of back/shoulder pain
✅ 30lbs down
✅ Feeling his best at 39 years old
✅ 32kg Swings —> 48kg Swings
✅ 24kg Getups —> 48kg Getups in his living room
✅ Best of all… how he’s maintained the results for 5+ months
Ps: If you are looking to achieve similar results in your life and you want to learn more about the coaching system Alex went through - Comment “I’m Interested” below and I’ll shoot you a DM 👊
We help busy men transform their bodies and get kettlebell strong from home without sacrificing family or career time.
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