Flag Ship Program & Workout Journal
Taking a cue from a few other members, I will use this to report on and track my progress in the Four Week Flagship Program.
Today is Week 1, Day 1
Kettlebell weight 15lbs
  • I only have a 15lbs bell, so I will go with what I have until I get my next weight size.
Starter 3 Rounds
Kettlebell Deadlift 5
Pushup Walkup 5/5
  • These kicked my butt; I need to work on upper body strength.
Goblet Squat 5
KB Deadbug 5/5
  • I really enjoyed these.
2H Swings 10 x 10
  • I need to work on my form and focus on my breathing.
Getups 5 x 1/1
  • I need to work on my form. It also didn't help that my puppies ran all over me like I was a jungle gym when I was on the ground.
  • I will probably spend a day breaking the Getup down into its parts. I'm left-handed, and sometimes my coordination is off, especially when I start on my right side, so I might have to start on my left side.
  • I found my coordination was better coming down than getting up.
I love the press. Going from a GS to the press was smooth, like buttah!
I hated the side planks, they kicked my butt, and I ended up skipping them, opting for a GS to Halo instead.
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