8 week Flag Ship
Hey guys as of today I'm running an 8 week version of the flag ship to get the year started off right.
How I plan to run an 8 week version is mostly for my swings so the program will basically add a week in between the original 4. That will make the volume progression by 10's. Week 1 will remain 100 swings. Wk 2 110, wk 3 120 etc and concluding at 170 swings.
On the swing strength day the progression will be adding 1 set of heavies each week instead of 2. Week 1 will still be 8 sets moderate and 2 heavy. Week 2 will be 7m and 3h and so on and concluding on 1m/9h.
Getups for the time being will just be 2 weeks at each stage.
At the conclusion my goal is to have brought the 32 and 24 bells into my 80% range as my new standard.
Whoever wants to post here with me feel free. I won't be posting the starter and main movements because we all know them but I will post my finishers because i have a progression system I'm focussing for hypertrophy goals. I'll also use my posts as my training notes that I use for relecting and feedback for improvement purposes.
Mike Hughes
8 week Flag Ship
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