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🔥 Free Case Study: How Alex dropped 30lbs AND level’d up to 48kg Swings & Getups in 16 Weeks
What’s up everyone! In the video below I break down @Alex Ashcraft’s journey with KT and how he saw some pretty wild results in only 4 months. In the case study I pull back the curtain on how Alex went from: 👨‍💼 A BUSY business executive 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Father of two ❌ with NO time 😰 and a history of back/shoulder pain TO…. ✅ 30lbs down ✅ Feeling his best at 39 years old ✅ 32kg Swings —> 48kg Swings ✅ 24kg Getups —> 48kg Getups in his living room ✅ Best of all… how he’s maintained the results for 5+ months Ps: If you are looking to achieve similar results in your life and you want to learn more about the coaching system Alex went through - Comment “I’m Interested” below and I’ll shoot you a DM 👊
Alex Ashcraft
Aaron Rice
Ryan Winstanley
Mike Hughes
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Introduce Yourself! (Start Here - Please Read 👀)
Welcome to the Free KT Community! You are now entering a hidden oasis on the internet for busy guys who want to get strong with kettlebells the simple way. Here's EXACTLY what to do first: Step 1: Introduce yourself HERE using this Copy/Paste Template (copy these questions and paste them into your post): Where are you from? What's your nickname? Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? Least Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? What do you need immediate help with inside this community? Step 2: Learn how to unlock everything by reading this. Step 3: Comment below with a GIF (you'll get points when people like your GIF!) ------ Best practices in this community: - Try to level up quickly by commenting and posting your insights in the community - Hit 'Like' 👍 on every helpful post or comment you see to help others level up. - Be kind. - If you ever get stuck, feel overwhelmed, are not sure what 'next step' to take, just ask the community ------ Group Rules: 1) No Self Promotion 2) No Selling in the DM's 3) No Spamming the Community Feed
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S Nazz
Grant Anderson
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Burak Aksoy
Anthony DeCusatis
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Training journal
Just my personal journal to save progress and me “showing up” to do the work 💪🏼 2023-07-07: Warm up Swings: 10x10 36K (EMOM) TGU: 5 x 1/1 32K (1 min rest)
Tom Kortegaard
Nathan Visser
Jamard Smith
Kevin Armijo
David Hall
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Flag Ship Program & Workout Journal
Taking a cue from a few other members, I will use this to report on and track my progress in the Four Week Flagship Program. Today is Week 1, Day 1 Kettlebell weight 15lbs - I only have a 15lbs bell, so I will go with what I have until I get my next weight size. Starter 3 Rounds Kettlebell Deadlift 5 Pushup Walkup 5/5 - These kicked my butt; I need to work on upper body strength. Goblet Squat 5 KB Deadbug 5/5 - I really enjoyed these. 2H Swings 10 x 10 - I need to work on my form and focus on my breathing. Getups 5 x 1/1 - I need to work on my form. It also didn't help that my puppies ran all over me like I was a jungle gym when I was on the ground. - I will probably spend a day breaking the Getup down into its parts. I'm left-handed, and sometimes my coordination is off, especially when I start on my right side, so I might have to start on my left side. - I found my coordination was better coming down than getting up. Finisher I love the press. Going from a GS to the press was smooth, like buttah! I hated the side planks, they kicked my butt, and I ended up skipping them, opting for a GS to Halo instead.
James Neal
Joe Marbell
Mark Lush
David Hall
Mike Hughes
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Where are you from? Ohio What's your nickname? None Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? swing Least Favorite Kettlebell Exercise? Get up What do you need immediate help with inside this community? Accountability
Jason Carson
Mike Hughes
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