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Do you want to make cash fast and now doing something you love? I can help you attract clients fast by getting featured in the press and helping you create a course and mastermind for your new clients. I've made over 2 million USD in sales doing just this and I teach you tried and tested methods.
I'm former national BBC TV and ITV News journalist and certified public relations director.
I teach you how to become a celebrity in your niche and help you achieve your purpose.
I've got people featured in Forbes, New York Times, Washington Post, The Times, The FT, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Mirror, El Pais, Il Sole 24 Ore, Le Monde, Spiegel, Elle, Cosmopolitan, GQ, NME, PR Week, Marketing, Marketing Weekly, Computer Weekly, Computing and many more newspapers and magazines across planet earth.
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We've got experts on TV, radio and in the press, plus speaking opportunities across the US, UK and beyond. Learn how to do your own PR.
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