Just Warriors: Fight Camp
Private group
28 members
$37 /month
šŸ‘‹ Welcome to Just Warriors Fight Camp! Immerse yourself in an authentic Muay Thai community. Live from Thailand!
Transform yourself with combat sports, and fighting techniques. Join your fellow warriors on a continuous journey of fight camp, to become fight ready.
Master my elite-level movement pyramid to speed up progress. šŸ„ŠšŸ”„
šŸ“ˆ Your life after joining:
  • Shredded body & dream physique/fitness level
  • Confidence in knowing you can protect yourself & loved ones
  • Win your Muay Thai fight(s). Earn respect from your friends & family
  • Feel empowered with an EXACT path to achieving your goals this year
šŸ›ļø Included in your membership:
  • Regular Live Calls From Mindfulness To Goal Accountability
  • Calisthenics Strength Mastery Course
  • Flexibility Deep Dive Course
  • Technical Ability Breakdowns Course
  • Weekly Challenges
  • + MUCH MORE! (see in video above)
ā­ļø All this for Ā£29.99 / $37 per month! (less than a gym membership)
Lock in founders' pricing. You'll never pay more! šŸ¤
What else do you spend $1.23/day on...? šŸ¤”
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Just Warriors: Fight Camp
Online Authentic Muay Thai Fight Camp, lead by Just Torrell, an active Nak Muay fighter living at a Thai camp! Join FIGHT CAMP and get FIGHT READY!
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