Skool or Facebook Group? Your Vote Matters.
Hi everyone! I did a small test in this free Skool Community - I initially only let just 50 people in but then I let a few more in that came organically. My goal was to experience using Skool as a place for my free community to come together as opposed to Facebook. I think there are pros and cons to both.
I'm going to end this test now and I'd like to survey you to understand how you want me to move forward with my free community. Do you want to stay here on Skool or would you like to have it back on Facebook?
Things to think about:
  • Are you actually coming into this Skool group and interacting/ consuming content/ asking questions/making connections?
  • Would you actually go into the FB group and interact/ consume content/ ask questions/make connections?
  • When you get emails from the Skool system about the posts I make, do you make an effort to come and read/watch?
  • If I emailed you about something I posted in the FB group would you go and read/watch?
  • If you aren't coming to this Skool group, why? Is it too difficult, yet another thing to log onto, etc.? I'm so curious how this new platform has impacted you.
Please let me know your thoughts. The way you want to interact with me matters and I want to be able to reach you in a way that is not ignored and I want to be able to create a safe and collaborative environment you are excited to pop into each day.
Stay on Skool
I'd rather this info be back on the Facebook Group
Something else? Please add it in the comments.
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