Canceling Yoga Badass Skool account - last days to check out yoga content
Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support since I launched this platform in January, 2023. I've made the decision to cancel the Skool account - you will no longer have access to all the free videos and tutorials I've listed after Aug. 24. This month I will be transitioning back over to FB for the FREE information from this point forward.
If you wanted to finish a course you had access to and never got around to it, now's the time. You will have two weeks to finish up, ask questions, and get what you need before this info is gone.
Just to be clear, I initially began this journey on FB a number of years ago. I noticed a few things that left me feeling icky about the FB experience, namely all the 'noise' associated with its use, and the constant changes that left my entrepreneurial brain reeling daily. To be blunt, I am not a fan of FB for so many reasons. However, it is becoming increasingly clear most students are not as adverse to it as I am - in fact I've had students say they likely wouldn't use a different platform (like Skool) at all because it's just too exhausting after a day of internet use at work.
I totally get it, and I'm right there with you. Which is why I've chosen to cancel the subscription.
If you are a student who needs access to any of the recordings for any reason, please reach out and I'll get them to you some other way. In the meantime, I DO like Skool a lot. If they ever grow as popular as FB I'll be back. I will also recommend the heck out of them. They are a group of super professional people who I respect greatly. They are also on to amazing things - be on the lookout for Skool to go viral soon.
In the meantime, let me know if I can help YOU on your yoga, yoga teaching, and/or wellness business journey moving forward. I will be back over in the FB land over the next month. Be sure to look for me there. Again, thank you so much for all you do!
Much love,
Jenni Sol
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