Want to work with me? 🤝

Want To Work With Me?

Hey everyone, I just opened a few more spots for new students in the Jazz Guitar Accelerator program. 🎸

This is exclusively for those who are serious about improving their jazz guitar playing.

The goal is to 4x your skills in the first 90 days.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

When you join, you get access to a coach, accountability, practice tools, all the videos and PDFs (all songs and exercises) …and actual real live feedback on your video assignment submissions on an ongoing basis.

And you will thus ensure that -1- your progress is real, measurable, and quick (right off the bat) and -2- you master all the subtle tools that allow you to continue improving your game for years to come, and -3- you never get stuck in a rut ever again.

With frequent feedback on your playing, we can “nip in the bud” any bad habits or nuisance for your playing, early on.

--> The program is actually based mostly on the students receiving direct, honest, objective, and complete feedback with guidance on the next steps. <--

Not only that, but the program also grants you access to a community of friends and mentors, including other guitarists who are exactly where you are (or have been there relatively recently). It's a natural extension of Jazz Guitar Fellowship ...

We are using SKOOL (plus Zoom calls) to get this going. So it’s really simple on the technological front (not another Facebook group, I promise!)

All you need really is a device connected to the internet and your guitar.

Bring your A-game, a smile, something to take notes … and some grit and perseverance, because things are about to get real! :)

Most of the program is based on direct interaction with you.

That’s where real progress happens, and where we see (and hear!) breakthroughs every week.

The enrollment is for a one-year period, and during that time we use several “iterations” of back-and-forth to ensure you always have the proper guidance, at your levels, and that all your questions are answered in a timely fashion.

Namely …

  • You will track your practice time (I consider it an investment) using your DPP (Daily Practice Pulse) in spreadsheet format.
  • You will also send me video snippets of your playing for reviews. There are no limits to this, but I suggest starting with regular 3-4x video submissions per week to get started.
  • You can then attend one (or two) of our Jazz Guitar Fellowship calls on Wednesday and Friday to get any/all your questions answered. The calls are recorded and posted later, with time stamps, tags, and subjects … so no worries if you cannot make it.

Last but not least, there are two kinds of check-ins with your coach:

  • Twice per month, you have a written check-in to submit. This is just so I keep an eye on you, and that we both see how well, and how far you’re progressing (and make any adjustments along the way).
  • Once per month, you have a live 1on1 check-in with me, via Zoom. This is mostly to refine the plan, as we keep ensuring your progress is real and measured. We typically don’t play much during our 1on1 since students submit videos very often to the platform.

BTW – if you’re in the area (Ottawa, Canada), you can come to play a gig with me! It’s part of the program. I can send you footage of our previous gigs with

and , as well as

Again, the goal is to 4x your guitar playing in the first 90 days and continue rapidly increasing that over the following 9 months.

So, if you’re tired of:

-Having poor practicing habits

-Procrastinating on the plan

-Not improvising and comping well

-Following gurus on YouTube without success

-Books, courses, and memberships that don’t work

-Not being able to play well at a jam session and being intimidated by someone asking “Hey play me a song”

-“Running in place” for YEARS and NOT having consistent progress and growth in proportion to the time that you put in…

Book a call with me here: JazzGuitarLessons.net/schedule/

I will see if we’re a good fit to work together, and if we are, I will happily invite you to take the next step.

I have very limited spots because of the 1:1 attention (unlimited video assignments, etc.) so if you want to do this, make sure to do it now.

Speak soon. Sincerely,

Marc @ JGL


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