September Challenge: Autumn Leaves

Meanwhile here in the beginner's corner, this is my recording from last night (just in time for what I guess is the nominal September timeframe anyway!). Feedback welcomed and here are my immediate learning points:

1) Filming is a great discipline for the all the reasons mentioned but the camera is unforgiving. I spent an hour doing various takes yesterday evening.

2) Find someone who loves you to share your jazz journey and give feedback. I played (even more) imperfectly to a son last weekend and my wife watched the video this morning. "It could sound smoother." she said and I know what she means. It seems rather staccato. Any tips?

3) There's still loads to improve e.g. I have struggled with that chromatic approach to Gm7. Timing is off in places and some of the chords sound muddy. The melody could be enhanced. It's the first time I have committed a song to memory and I still hesitate on where next to place the fingers. Strangely I'm not fed up of the song so it shows what a cracking tune it is.

4) Where next? Play with a backing track? Overall pleased I have finally made the effort to record and share.


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