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**We vet all applications: this is a “safe space” for jazz guitarists everywhere to improve and collaborate. We protect it as much as we can from scammers / spammers. You will NOT be admitted unless you answer the 3 questions (PROFILE PIC & BIO required)**
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What’s inside?
  • Jazz guitarists worldwide (of all levels) submit videos of their playing
  • Collaboration, support, and feedback on videos
  • Discussions on Comping, Improv, Favorite Jazz Artists, etc.
  • 7-Stage Crash Course:  A replicable process to learn any standard without overwhelm!
  • The Vault: All PDFs, guides, and lessons from jazzguitarlessons.net (2009-Present)
  • Jam Sessions: Challenge yourself with just you & a backing track
  • Standard Essentials (chord melody)
  • …lots more   
This is the best jazz guitar community on Earth. It’s 100% free. Forever 🎸
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Jazz Guitar Fellowship
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