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Do you want to become a better swimmer and overall athlete?
Achieve PBs you didn’t think you could do and finally make those early 5 am starts worthwhile?
I am an Olympic Swimmer and I’ve been through the exact struggles you are facing. I can help you become a faster swimmer 🏊🏼‍♂️🚀
Join the group now! 💪🏼
What's included in the group?
  • Training/Nutrition/Gym Programs
  • Video analysis of stroke technique
  • Connect with other swimmers, who want to be better
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Gym Specific Guide
  • Sleep Guide
  • Recovery Guide
  • Perfect Race Day Planner
  • Breathing techniques
  • Ultimate Taper Guide
  • Mindset for training and competition
  • Time management around school or Uni
  • Leader boards/prizes & more!
This is the No. 1, Swimming Athlete Hub to connect with other swimmers around the world, with one goal, to become a faster swimmer.
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Jack Swims Squad
Hi there, Welcome to the Squad!
I am a 2 time Olympian, helping you become a faster swimmer through my experience and knowledge throughout my career.
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