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Hello! Welcome to the IPTND Community!! The objective of this community is to empower parents, players & coaches in their efforts to elevate youth sports. Parents learning how to help their kids achieve their goals Players learning that it's 100% on them if they want achieve their goals Coaches learning more about player development and helping players succeed at an individual level. This will be achieved through ongoing education initiatives and fostering extensive conversations within our community. Start by Checking Out These Links: - Classroom - Calendar - Leaderboard To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1) Your Name 2) How many basketball players you have? 3) What are you looking to get out of this community? 4) Any immediate questions/concerns you have that we could discuss sooner than later?
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The SEASON is Upon Us!!
🏀 Attention Basketball Parents and Players, ➡️ As the season approaches, it's crucial we focus on the preparation that sets the foundation for peak performance. Here's how we can approach it: ➡️ Fitness is non-negotiable. Ensure your athletes are getting in shape with a mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility training. It’s about arriving at Day 1 ready to go full throttle. ➡️ Skill development requires consistent effort. Encourage daily practice focusing on shooting form, ball handling, and defensive positioning. Quality over quantity can make a significant difference. ➡️ Mental preparedness is just as vital as physical training. Instill a mindset of resilience and focus. Games are often won in the mind before they're won on the court. ➡️ Balance is critical. Support your young athletes in managing their responsibilities effectively. Stress the importance of adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and hydration for recovery and performance. ➡️ Understanding team dynamics can make or break the game. Fostering a team-first attitude will be essential for success, both in practice and during games. ➡️ Rise to the competition. Encourage them to embrace the challenges of higher competition levels, and support them in setting personal performance goals. ➡️ Time management skills are a must. Efficient practice, with a purpose for every drill, is more effective than aimless hours in the gym. ➡️ Confidence comes from preparation and understanding that progress is incremental. Small improvements daily lead to big advances over the season. ➡️ Game IQ is crucial. Encourage them to study the game, understand strategies, and learn how to read the play – knowledge is power. ➡️ Lastly, consistency in routines and recovery after training sessions will ensure they're always playing at their best. ➡️ Let's get to work and make this season count. #BasketballTraining #PreSeasonPrep #YouthDevelopment #HaveFaith #StayStrong #WorkHard #TrainImPossible
Fear of Failure
I love taking messages like this and sharing them with my kids and the players I coach but we can all apply this to anything we do in life. Such a great message from Coach Auriemma!!
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Let's Reconnect!!
Good morning everyone!! I hope you've all been enjoying the app and have had a productive summer so far. I've been working with some of you but not everyone. I'd love your help and feedback on how we can make this community start heading in a better direction. My goal with this is to help players and parents in any way possible so I would definitely love your help in that area. I'll be launching the program again in the near future so we should start to see some new faces in here. I'm here to help so please let me know how I can do that. Thanks and have a great rest of your week.
Happy Easter!!
Does your athlete have any goals to reach before the next school season?? Would love to hear what they are!!
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