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That feeling that you're missing out on something crucial, potentially wasting your life, and that there's a deeper purpose hiding inside you. It can make you feel stuck, lost and frustrated, needing to find answers and break out. If this feels familiar, you're either transitioning, or have been through one of these transitions.
Here is a very clear and detailed map, strategic practices, guidance, resources, support, accountability and mastermind groups all to support the deep inner work we're doing together for profound revelations, insights and clarity. We work with the psychological structure and beyond, helping to support and facilitate your transitional awakening process.
Integral Mindful Self-Inquiry - head, heart, gut
Integral Theory
Kundalini Awakening
Light & Shadow Work
Conscious Relationships
Life Purpose
Personal Development
Health & Wellness
Lifestyle Design
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Integral Hive
Private group
Self-Inquiry & Enneagram. Personal Development & Spiritual Awakening. Community & Connection. Love & Lifestyle. Health & Wellbeing.
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