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šŸ‘‹ Welcome Aboard to the Home Service Business Coach Community!
This group is specifically for home service business owners who want to grow their businesses to 100k/month and beyond with a team in place to run the day to day of the business šŸš€
This is what this group is all about:ā€‹
āœ… Marketing Modules on how to get more leads...ā€‹
āœ… Sales Modules on how to sell more jobs..ā€‹
āœ… Hiring Modules to build your team of 'A players'...ā€‹
āœ… Mindset Modules to think like an Entrepreneur.ā€‹
āœ… Group discussion about industry best practices...ā€‹
āœ… Case-studies & current client results...ā€‹
...and much, much more.ā€‹
So if you're a business owner looking to get off the truck and build a systematized business to achieve freedom (and make a massive impact), then join us...ā€‹
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Discover how to generate leads, sell jobs, & hire a team of rockstars to build a successful home services business
This community is free to join šŸ„³
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