How To Carnivore
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"The last 10% makes all the difference" - Dr. Anthony Chaffee.

You may have tried paleo, keto or "carnivore-ish" and that's great, you're doing better than most people!

But, you will go to a whole new level when you finally get rid of the sweeteners, coffee, honey, unnecessary supplements and other crap that are holding you back.

Join my Carnivore Challenge and stay 100% strict carnivore for 30 days.

You will finally feel like a superhero!

When you register for this challenge you will get:

  • Access to a small and supportive private community (including myself)
  • The best carnivore content available ad free and all in one place
  • A weekly group call with myself where you can ask me questions

I have personally designed this challenge and it has already helped 100s of people.

In short, it works and this could be totally life changing for you.

Of course, if you complete the challenge and you're not 100% satisfied we will give you a full refund.

Register now, let's do it!

Dr. Anthony Chaffee

Private group

Welcome to Dr. Chaffee's Carnivore Challenge! If you've done the challenge before you can get 50% off. Subscribe now and you can cancel anytime.

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