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Join the House of Bricks Community, a vibrant hub for seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs.
I'm Adam House Sr, a 7X Entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience šŸ†. I understand the Struggle Zone, where dreams meet reality and can help you accelerate your time there, remembering that challenges are where growth and resilience come from.
šŸ“ž Weekly coaching calls with Adam House Sr every Wed at 11:00 am EST
šŸ… Exclusive access to guest speakers: top CEOs, pro athletes, keynote speakers šŸŽ¤, and best-in-class experts
šŸŽ™ļø Featured community members will be interviewed on the podcast
šŸ“Š Upcoming access to online courses to accelerate growth
šŸ”ļø Inspiration, Accountability, and Discipline from those climbing the mountain alongside you and those who have reached the summit.
Active engagement is paramount; those who give will receive.
Discover what joining forces with leading minds could mean for you šŸš€.
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