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🌟 Welcome to Homeschool Mastery Group 🌟
Way more than "school from home"
It's a transformational investment in yourself as a parent educator.
Under the guidance of Dr. Blake Willard, create a family-centered education.
Redefine what it means to homeschool. It's more than academics!
Learn to create a customized educational program and have the support and guidance to reach your goals.
🌟Unparalleled value:
  • Family Education Plan: $2497
  • Homeschool Readiness Assessment: $1497
  • Weekly Professional Coaching: $600/month
  • Comprehensive Courses: Foundations, Construction, Implementation & Mindset, and Curriculum
  • Valued at $1997 each
  • 30+ Templates and Resources: $397
  • Priceless Community Support
Total Value: Over $13,000
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Get help from a leader in Christian education. Community of parents learning to be effective home educators and create their best homeschool program.
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