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Start Transforming Your Home And Family
Led by Dr. Blake Willard, our community ensures you're never alone.
ā³ Exclusive April Bonuses: šŸŽ Waived $1500 admission fee, šŸ“ Free Readiness Assessment ($1500 value), šŸ’° $3000 added value FREE!
With courses valued at over $6000 individually, plus coaching, you're getting over $10,000 in value for just $97 per month.
Unlock the full potential of homeschooling with our unique approach including:
  1. Foundations - Define your family's mission and values.
  2. Construction - Tangible homeschool setup and organization.
  3. Implementation and Mindset - Tools for effective homeschooling.
  4. Curriculum - Personalized curriculum development.
We empower parents to become master home educators, not just follow instructions. Gain confidence, freedom, and peace as you craft your family's ideal homeschool program
Transform your family's education risk-free. 14-day money-back guarantee. Join now & embark on a journey of enriched learning!
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Get help from a leader in Christian education. Community of parents learning to be effective home educators and create their best homeschool program.
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