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Holistic American Health Academy: a family of like-minded souls who have a heart for healing themselves and America, through detox, nutrition, and natural remedies!
✅ Holistic Self-Care Courses, Designed by Certified Practitioners
✅ Overcome Your Health Challenges Naturally, with Guided Help
✅ Monthly Group Detox Protocols: Liver, Parasite, Mold, Heavy Metals, Lymphatic & More
✅ ​Live Q&A Zoom Calls: Get Your Health Questions Answered by Professionals
✅ Share Wellness-Oriented Recipes
✅ Learn DIY Herbal Remedies
✅ Learn About Holistic/Bio-Dentistry
✅ Bio Gardening & Homesteading Tips
✅ Holistic Pet Care Discussions
✅ Holistic Health Resources & Video Library
✅ Warm, Supportive Community of Like-Minded, Holistic Health Lovers ❤️
✅ ​Holistic Product Marketplace: Made in USA!
✅ Monthly Contests
+ more
Take control of your health.... NATURUALLY!! 🥝🍆🍅🥦🐔🍇🍍
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Empowering Americans Through Holistic Self-Care Education!
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