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The Holistic American Pet Academy is about promoting health in our pets, rather than having to get well. Shifting the focus away from chasing disease, and keeping the focus on health.
Take control of your pets health.... NATURALLY!!
Holistic American Pet Academy: a family of like-minded souls who have a heart for animals and their physical and mental well-being; through proper nutrition, detoxification and natural remedies!
Holistic Pet Care Courses, created & designed by animal naturopath, Dr. Kim Bloomer
Live Q&A and topical Zoom Calls w/ Dr. Kim and other natural animal health practitioners
Learn the foundation of good health for our pets
Holistic Pet Care Discussions
Holistic Pet Health Resources
Warm, Supportive Community of Like-Minded, Holistic Pet Lovers
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Holistic American Pet Academy
A passionate group of cat & dog lovers, learning a more holistic approach to their pets' health!
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