The Shift Academy
Private group
1.5k members
$37 /month
price going up soon! get grandfathered in at $37 a month!
This is your one stop shop to raise your vibration, let go of old patterns and beliefs, manifest your dream life, and love yourself completely.
  • The Shift Academy Coaching Program!
  • Weekly LIVE coaching calls on zoom
  • monthly live meditations and activations
  • weekly hotseat coaching and workshops
  • 21 day challenges
  • every meditation I have ever made
  • map of members cities for meetups
and MORE
membership goals...
  • change your energy and change your life
  • release the familiar self and embrace the new you
  • parallel reality manifestation and esoteric teachings
  • remove blocks to attracting love and abundance
  • heal from the past and let go of emotion stored inside the body (breathwork)
  • develop a strong frame of reality & feel safe in your body
  • go full time with your purpose and do what you love full time
ALL for $37 a month cancel anytime after initial payment (this means even when it is $67 a month you are grandfathered in and the price will never go up for you!)
Privacy and terms
The Shift Academy
The Shift Academy Coaching Program starts July 17th. Get grandfathered in at $37/month before the price soon goes up to $67/month!
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