Hello everyone!
My name is Delia Duran. I am a Personal Trainer and a Physical Therapy student. I will be starting school in September. (very excited!)
Just wanted to let you all know where I am in the process of business. I am very new. I recently DECIDED on the group of people I want to serve. I decided that I want to work with individuals with body image insecurity and body shame.
As a personal trainer I feel that we are very focused on the result of weight loss.
However the deep rooted issue of overeating or not taking care of health is heavily influenced on how the person feels about themselves.
So, my goal for the remaining of this month is to learn how to reach my audience through my new accounts on Instagram and Tiktok
if you would like to follow both are the same username: @empowerthebod
-learn how to reach my audience
-learn how to have more conversations
*overcome the fear having conversations and just talk to them when the opportunities come
-and LEARN more and RESEARCH topics goes into body image/ body shame
Would like to know what are your goals?
And how can I be of service to help you reach your goals?
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Delia Duran
Hello everyone!
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