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Conscious Business Mastery Director of Success
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Joined May 6, 2023
Ypsilanti, MI
Nutrition and Dietetics Student CrossFit and Olympic Lifting
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Joined Feb 25, 2023
PTA and 1st year SPT at Pitt. Owner of PTA Elevation. Resident GPT (bedtime is 9pm). Love eating lots of food, picking up heavy things and cats 馃槂
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Joined Jan 21, 2023
entrepreneur, own cash practice with husband (Josh), mom of 2 wonderful daughters, 2 g'boys (dogs) . Love hiking/hunting/fishing/plants & family time
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Joined Mar 7, 2023
Columbia, MO
Utilizing my knowledge, experience and education to help others heal, grow and transform through Cranial Unwinding, Polarity Therapy and Massage.
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Joined Dec 13, 2022
Tempe, Arizona
I鈥檓 a physical therapist and I help kids with scoliosis reduce the progression of their curve, get stronger, and gain confidence! Schroth Method PT!馃挭
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Joined Feb 19, 2023
Orland Park, IL
I'm a problem solver. What problem can I help you solve?
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Joined Jan 30, 2023
Wherever you need me to be
I am a Physical Therapist: I help students get accepted into PT school, & make money while in school so that they can avoid thousands in school debt!
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Joined Dec 3, 2022
SPT Online Personal Trainer
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Joined Mar 21, 2023
inpatient rehabilitation therapist interested in starting an outpatient neuro community clinic :)
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Joined Mar 5, 2023
I am a physical therapist currently working at the Tampa VA but looking to start a side hustle working with tennis players/weekend warriors!
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Joined Mar 9, 2023
I鈥檓 an occupational therapist and recently started a mobile practice focusing on home safety and home mods
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Joined Feb 26, 2023
Birmingham, Alabama
Mobile PT practice owner w/ niche in treating Cervical, Lumbar & Knee pain of women >40 w/ my Active Life Solutions Program; Cert. in Dry Needling.
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Joined Dec 2, 2022
White Plains, MD
I鈥檓 a full time mom, wife and entrepreneur who has a passion for helping woman become the best person they can be.
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Joined Dec 1, 2022
I'm a PT, wife, & Mom to 2 active teens. I'm also a BFR certified coach that loves to use & share it's many benefits personally & professionally
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Joined Mar 9, 2023
DPT turned copywriter | I craft the words to help healthcare and wellness entrepreneurs launch 馃殌and scale 馃搱their businesses, impact, & revenue馃挵
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Joined Dec 22, 2022
Seattle, Washington
OT clinician & educator. FL -> MKE. . 168: Teen/tween executive function support for parents.. Love travel, tap dancing, board games, & NBA hoops.
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Joined Feb 19, 2023
Milwaukee, WI
I am a physical therapist and movement coach in the western suburbs of Boston. I have a cash practice. I sold my insurance-based practice in 2012.
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Joined Feb 17, 2023
Acton, MA
I'm a physical therapist who is looking for ways to make passive income while serving others.
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Joined Mar 6, 2023
I help pickleball players decrease pain and improve skill level in 6 months or less!
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Joined Dec 8, 2022
Physical therapist with focus on women鈥檚 pelvic health and orthopedics. Interested in starting my own business to have a work life balance
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Joined Mar 1, 2023
My name is Chakman. And I help CashPTs grow & automate so they have more TIME to do what they LOVE.
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Joined Apr 11, 2023
I serve individuals who have body insecurity and body shame and want to overcome it to live a healthier lifestyle. I am a personal trainer &DPTstudent
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Joined Dec 13, 2022
New Jersey
Owner of Move Better. Wife of Bill(aka Bootstraps). Mom to 3 cats. Learning to care for aging parents while working full time and growing MB.
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Joined Dec 1, 2022
Northborough MA
I am a Pediatric OT and mindfulness practitioner. My passion is building safe sensory-sensitive classrooms through mindful co-regulation.
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Joined Mar 4, 2023
Maryland, United States
Dilia Rivera, RDN, BA Psychology/MS Nutrition, integrative-functional nutrition. Niche: Weight loss/mgmt and mindful/eating for busy Career Women.
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Joined Feb 27, 2023
new york metro area
I am a physical therapist that left my 6 figure hospital job in the bay area July 2022, moved to Los Angeles (near family) to start my Cash PT biz.
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Joined Dec 5, 2022
PT with a solo cash based practice in Asheville, NC. I treat in person ortho/women's health patients and I'm bringing Low Pressure Fitness to AVL
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Joined Mar 5, 2023
I am a Business Major in my last year at Kean University in New Jersey & a rehab tech at a skilled nursing facility
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Joined Feb 27, 2023
New Jersey
I鈥檓 a physical therapist and new mama. I want to establish myself in the running niche especially for new moms looking to get back in shape.
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Joined Apr 14, 2023
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