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Sick of the daily grind eating up all your time?
Join Hackers & Painters, the FREE community using AI to help you create more, faster.
In Hackers & Painters, you'll collaborate with like-minded creators to:
  1. Discover game-changing AI tools
  2. Learn to use AI in your creative workflow
  3. Brainstorm ways to scale your reach
  4. Get support as you experiment with AI
Imagine what you could do with 5, 10, even 20 extra hours a week.
Those passion projects and big ideas?
With AI, you'll have the time to make them real.
As a member, you'll get awesome resources like:
  • Quick-start AI courses (worth $500+!)
  • Recommended tools and templates to 10x your output
  • Bi-weekly brainstorms on creative AI use cases
  • On-demand feedback and support
If you're ready to leverage AI and see how far your creativity can take you, join Hackers & Painters today.
It's 100% free - just fill out the quick application on this page to get started.
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