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Welcome to GPT Builders!
You are probably here because you believe that:
  • Building GPTs is fun
  • GPTs may be an amazing opportunity to make money
  • You want to make cool things
But here is the thing. GPTs are super new. Nobody knows the right way to do it, or the wrong way to do it, we are all just starting out!
So let's collaborate! Let's share with each other! Let's help each other! Making one of the first great GPTs could be just as big an opportunity as making one of the first iPhone apps.
In this community we are:
  • Sharing our tips and knowledge with building GPTs
  • Sharing our GPTs and getting feedback
  • Launching our GPTs and learning how to market them
  • Having fun
If this community grows we will:
  • Organize live chats
  • Create tutorial videos
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Private group
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