Generational Peace Academy
Private group
11 members
Break the Cycle.
Lead the Charge.
Be the first in your family to pass down Generational Peace.
Explore how to become less reactive with your kids, boost your focus, emotional health, and relationships.
Join GPA to unlock the following benefits:
Freedom from Struggle
  • Overcome chronic anxiety and stress through mastering personal surrender.
Clarity and Calm
  • Transition from a cluttered mind to a peaceful mind that supports rather than hinders you.
Spontaneous Joy
  • Tap into the natural well-being that blooms when you open your heart permanently.
Harmony in Relationships
  • Transform how you interact with folks by understanding your truest self.
Pass it on
  • Learn strategies for passing these benefits on to your kids.
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Generational Peace Academy
Be the 1st in your family to pass down Generational Peace!
We explore becoming the moms that we wish we had to support us.
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