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šŸ›  šƒššš­šš šš«šØš­šžšœš­š¢šØš§ š“šØšØš„š¤š¢š­: Guidance on privacy laws + 98-page book (RRP $34.99)
šŸŒš†š„šØš›ššš„ šš«š¢šÆšššœš² š„š§šœš²šœš„šØš©šžšš¢šš: Data protection legislations, DPAs + histories across all 195 countries
šŸ“‘š‘šžšššš²-š­šØ-š”š¬šž š“šžš¦š©š„ššš­šžš¬: Over 28 including DPIA, DSAR, Vendor Management, Incident Response + more (RRP $379)
šŸ”’šŒššš¬š­šžš«š¢š§š  š†šƒšš‘: 5+ hour video course with exercises + workbook
šŸ…š„š¬š¬šžš§š­š¢ššš„ šƒššŽ: Best practices to enhance DPO skills + workbook
šŸ”‘šŒššš¬š­šžš« š‚š‚šš€: Compliance guide to fulfil CCPA obligations effectively + workbook
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