Sprinter day 2
My all nighter worked, I got to finish my video, editing, voiceover and then later today I done the thumbnail. I’ve uploaded it but it’s on private. Tbh it’s not a particularly good video and that’s not me just putting myself down, there’s just not much to it but it did get me familiar with designing thumbnails and editing again so I’m happy about that.
I got back out and jogged this morning after a break yesterday. I initially told myself I wouldn’t do it if it was raining but even though it was raining today I still got out there. I love the consistency I’m having, it’s like my body is pushing me to do the things I said I would do and it’s not really a force because I know how good I’ll feel after. Highlights the importance of doing things you enjoy and switching it up sometimes because I use to hate jogging but now I can’t stand the gym so I’ve cancelled my membership and just focussing on this for now.
Tomorrow I’ll finish the voice over for the previous video and upload that one on private too while I decide which one to put out first.
Ariyah Richards
Sprinter day 2
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