Sprinter Challenge - Post 8
I'm currently in the identity shifting module and finally was able to practice the exercises there. I found the trauma releasing exercise to be a bit challenging due to all the moving parts and also found myself thinking that I was glad that no one was here to see me because it would look like I had completely lost my freaking mind lol. Sorry for the bluntness but Gavin did say to notice EVERYTHING that comes up, and notice I did. However, I do trust his experience and guidance so that is why I will continue to use that method whenever needed. I would imagine it'll become easier with more practice.
In other news, I've already called in for tomorrow so that I can attend both my in-person interviews so my calendar is cleared. Then between those two times, I'll have a phone interview with a third company. I kind of feel bad because my current position is a new one and my boss was very understanding when I called her tonight (of course, she doesn't know the real reason). However, that doesn't change the fact that I'm not getting enough hours there, and I have to take care of myself.
My clothes for tomorrow are washed and dried, now hopefully I'll be receiving some offers soon 馃as well as have an idea of which one I believe I'm most aligned with. To my friends in this community: I'll let you know what unfolds!
Things to do tomorrow:
Nothing additional, I have a lot going on already.
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April Peterson
Sprinter Challenge - Post 8
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