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The Skool Games

A fun way to build your own business with other people. Simple instructions, live workshops, community, support, realtime leaderboards, friendly competition, and prizes!

467 players online
"I got my first paid member from being in here"
"I've never made more friends in my life in the span of 1-month"
"I can't believe I get to be on Zoom with Hormozi"

Here's what you get

Everything you need to start your own online business and grow to $10k+ /month.

Simple instructions for starting your own business
Community of entrepreneurs helping each other win
Live Q&A with Hormozi on Zoom every week for support
Leaderboards and prizes to make things fun
1-Day with Hormozi mastermind in Vegas every month
Free Skool software subscription (normally $99/month)
467 players online


What is Skool?
How does The Skool Games work?
How much does it cost?
Do I need to be an expert to make this work?
How do the leaderboards and prizes work?
467 players online