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2 SAFE COINS NEVER BEFORE RELEASED (+ 2 EXTRA) Transcript Analysis - Contextual Understanding: The discussion provides a comprehensive guide on cryptocurrency investment strategies, emphasizing the importance of informed decision-making and research. It highlights the pitfalls of investing based on trends or recommendations without personal research. The speaker shares personal experiences and lessons learned from previous investment cycles to underscore the need for diligence and responsibility in the crypto space. Introduction to Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies - Summary: The speaker begins by addressing the CoinPicks Army, emphasizing the importance of dedication and learning in the crypto market. They caution against common mistakes made by beginners, such as random coin purchases, which often lead to financial losses. Through personal anecdotes and market analysis, the importance of thorough research, patience, and strategic investment based on solid understanding rather than following trends or recommendations is stressed. The speaker also shares insights into the cyclical nature of the crypto market, highlighting the risks of not adhering to informed investment practices. - Action Items:Viewers are encouraged to adopt a disciplined approach to cryptocurrency investment.Engage in thorough research and analysis before making any investment decisions. Key Principles for Successful Crypto Investing - Summary: Drawing on years of experience, the speaker outlines key principles for successful investing, including the dangers of investing based on hype or external recommendations, the significance of research and knowledge accumulation, and the critical need for risk management. They discuss the psychological aspects of investing, such as the tendency to follow the crowd during bull markets and the difficulty of maintaining profits over time. The discussion also touches on broader financial wisdom, such as the importance of developing skills and thought patterns conducive to wealth accumulation and retention. - Action Items:Prioritize learning and personal research in investment decisions.Develop a risk management strategy.Reflect on and improve financial literacy and decision-making skills.
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START HERE: Welcome to CoinPicks Army
Step 1: --- Welcome --- 1. Change your picture, bio, etc 2. Introduce yourself in a post 3. Sign up for Live Q&As on the calendar tab 4. Please publicly call out scammers so I can ban them for life Step 2: (Watch This) --- Community Rules--- Video: - High-Quality Posts Only: All posts must be well-constructed, free of spelling errors, and demonstrate effort. Low-quality posts will be removed. If you see a low quality post please report it. - Minimum Time Investment: Each post should reflect a minimum of five minutes of dedicated effort. - Value-Added Content: Contributions should provide value to the community. Avoid posts that lack effort or don't contribute meaningfully to discussions. - Loom Videos: Utilizing Loom videos for communication and answering questions is highly encouraged. Posts with Loom videos may receive additional recognition. - In-Depth Questions: When asking questions, ensure they are well-thought-out. This includes doing preliminary research and framing the question clearly. - Community Quality: The overarching goal is to enhance the overall quality of the community. Every member’s participation should align with this objective. Step 3 watch this: Must Watch Risk Management
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Crypto in a post
It’s a digital asset. Nothing more to it. Some digital assets are worth more than others. I started at some point in 2021… lost money, yet in 2022 I opened a wallet with $268 of Ether, trying to sell NFT but failed to understand the concept. Now, I didn’t buy any crypto since then. I couldn’t cash out because I don’t have any profits to cash out but since I saw coinpicksArmy on Instagram, I swapped to some other crypto$. I paid gas and now I’m back to my original bet. Thank you for the insight! I will be posting what I learn and experience so anyone can learn and experience my approach. Thank you!
XRP Breakout :)
XRP just broke out of a nice 4 year trend! I'll be longing this coin on low leverage if we test the blue line for support. Not a long term play for me it's just a little trade.
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