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🚀🚀Client Onboarding Checklist
While checking my drive just founded a client onboarding checklist... Not sure from where I got this but you can follow the steps...
1Get the Basic Details of the Client and Upload in CRM.
2 Send Propsals.
3 Check if Clients, Agree with the Propsals.
4 Make Sure the Propsals or Contracts are Signed.
5 Send Invoice and Schedule First Onboarding Welcome Call.
6 Check, If 50% Payment Recieved, If Yes, Send them a Welcome Email.
7 Send a Questionnaire asking about More Details.
8 Request Access to the Resources You Need.
9 Check, If you got the Need Files, Image and Resources.
10 Check, If Project has been Started.
11 Create a Proper Plan for your Project.
12 Schedule Future Calls and Set Meeting Points.
13 Week 1 Project Completed.
14 Week 2 Project Completed.
15 Followup Call and Report to the Clients.
16 Week 3 Project Completed.
17 Week 4 Project Completed (1 Month Completed).
18 Send a Big Report of Growth that You've Made to the Clients.
Personally I am not sending proposal to clients. Instead this I try to get them in the call...
Vikas Kumar
🚀🚀Client Onboarding Checklist
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