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$18,250 Cyber Week Giveaway (23 Entries Left!)
HighLevel just extended the Black Friday & Cyber Week 50% discounts until December 3rd. Because of that I decided to extend the $18,250 giveaway as well. We still have a couple of more spots left to join the $18,250 giveaway. If you haven't joined yet, well now's the time. Click here to get started:
Hamzaoui Rida
Sarvesh Joshi
Dr. Luke McCabe
Livin Kumar
Max Perzon
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🎉 Welcome (Important Information!)
First and foremost, a big warm welcome! I can't wait to see what you'll be able to accomplish here! I've recorded an important video for you to review. It covers exactly how to get the most out of this community. Here's what I cover: - Community - Classroom - Calendar - Points, rewards, and leaderboards - Prices 🫵 IMPORTANT: No promotions or job postings allowed! Don't advertise products or services here, not in public or in DMs. Even indirect ways are forbidden. This will get you permanently banned without warning. I'll be looking forward to seeing all your introduction posts and videos! Let's connect, learn, improve, win, and make some real good money here! Let's go 🚀🚀 PS: Leave a comment below, introduce yourself and share a picture of your workspace to complete the action & get points! 💪💪 PPS: If you like the course & community, feel free to leave your review here: ❤️
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Max Perzon
Syed Ghazi
Fabian van Delft
Kiara Brown
Daniel Morel
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🔴 $18,250 Black Friday Giveaway (Ending Soon)
If you haven’t signed up for HighLevel yet, well now’s the time! If you start a NEW trial you save 50% for the first 3 months. Meaning that you can get HighLevel for under $50/month! If you’re an existing customer you save 50% on all upgrades for 3 months. Meaning that you can get the $497 plan for just $297 (!!) And of course, you can bundle this with my 30 day free trial as well. Crazy stuff! Access the HighLevel affiliate offers and join the Black Friday $18,250 giveaway here: PS: ⚠️ CURRENTLY 89/200 OF THE WAY FULL
Luke McCabe
Ella Ross
Shehbaz Sarkaria
Sarvesh Joshi
Sam Dass
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$18,250 Black Friday Giveaway (Limited To 200 Entries!)
WHAT CAN YOU WIN? - 5 winners: 1-Year Access MaxPremium ($6,000 value) - 5 winners: Private Coaching Call with Max ($6,250 value) - 10 winners: 6-Month Access MaxPremium ($6,000 value) - 200 winners: Invite-Only MaxPremium Launch-Mastermind (Priceless) I’ve limited the entries to only 200 people. So it's first come first serve. Don't miss out! Some people have already started to join… Ready to join the giveaway? Get started here:
Max Perzon
Ansh Pagare
Nikolai Hjelle
Venkat Maddala
Priyam Chhaparia
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Free SMMA Course V.2 Update & MaxPremium Update
Hey everyone! I'm working on releasing the new updated version of the Free SMMA Course. I'm also working on the launch of MaxPremium. I cover all of the details regarding it in the video below! Also, don't miss out on the $18,250 Black Friday Giveaway. It's ending soon and 68/200 spots have now already been taken! JOIN HERE:
Andrew Montano
Omar Mohames
Qusay Mohsen
Emmanuel Gbolahan
Mandy Sandhu
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I Started SMMA With $0 Using AI - Ep. 1
Follow along as I build a new SMMA from scratch. I will release 2 new episodes every week on my YouTube channel. Will be epic. And oh.. by the way. I'm currently preparing a $18,250 Black Friday Giveaway. More information on that this weekend. Only 200 people will be able to join this giveaway by the way. First come, first serve. Also, I'm currently doing daily SMMA Q&A sessions on my Instagram. Shoot me whatever SMMA questions you have and I'll answer. Over and out 💪💪 /Max PS: I'm currently working super hard on MaxPremium and the Free SMMA Course V.2. They both will release Jan 1st 2024. Save the date 🗓️🚀
Burak Öz
Saku Holma
Youssef Guirguess
Roman Iqbal
Aqib Zulfiqar
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TOMORROW: $18,250 Black Friday Giveaway
Hey team! I’m launching a crazy $18,250 Black Friday Giveaway tomorrow. But here’s the thing… Only 200 people will be able to enter it. WHAT CAN YOU WIN? - 5 winners: 1-Year Access MaxPremium ($6,000 value) - 5 winners: Private Coaching Call with Max ($6,250 value) - 10 winners: 6-Month Access MaxPremium ($6,000 value) - 200 winners: Invite-Only MaxPremium Launch-Mastermind (Priceless) I’m opening up the doors to join this giveaway tomorrow. So keep an eye out for my next post in here tomorrow to not miss out. I predict the 200 spots will be filled rather quickly... Best of luck!
Billy Cannon
Burak Öz
Mikail Rajabli
Torbjörn Strand
Emmanuel Gbolahan
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My Gift To You: Funnel Making $15,000/DAY
Creating funnels that produce results isn't easy. You have to find a lander that's converting… A/B test it. Find a winner. A/B test it again. And over time, you'll slowly improve. But what if you could just copy a winner already proven to work directly into your agency? What if that funnel was currently making over $15,000 every day? Would you be interested in testing it out for your agency? Yeah? How much would you be willing to pay for it? What if it was free? Would you take it? Well… It's your lucky day, then. Because I want to give you that exact funnel. For FREE. Pumped up? Good! Get step-by-step instructions and download it here:
Ahmed Fauzi
Ali Alsawaf
Milutin Masic
Abdulroheem Faruq
Anthony Hamilton
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Cam England : $0-$25K/month in 8 months (Student Interview)
This is crazy... @Cameron England started his SMMA journey just 8 months ago when he was 16. Now he's 17 and he's making more than $25,000 per month...! His journey is TRULY inspiring, definitely go and check out the interview I did with him right now. Also, go follow his journey on YouTube:
Demetre Peradze
Tejas Khandagale
Chor Lee
Adamu Idris
Mahfujur Rahman
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Free SMMA Course Update & MaxPremium (Important)
Here’s what I’m working on right now: Updating the free SMMA course. - New & Updated HighLevel Training - Making sure all other modules are up to date as well MaxPremium - Making sure that we’ll be able to release it in Q4 2023. I want to provide as much value as I possibly can for you guys. Both me and my team are working super hard behind the scenes! I’ll have to put 100% of my time and focus into building, because of this I’ll neglect everything else for the time being. Including the weekly Q&A calls. We’ll pick them up again as soon as I get the new training out to you guys. If you have any requests that you’d like to see in either the new freshly updated Free SMMA course (this community) or inside MaxPremium, comment below and let us know! The future is Exciting! Work hard everyone and take massive action, it pays off! 💪💪
Sachith L
Kishan A
Usman Karamat
Taha Shabbir
Sachith L
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Unveiling Soon: My $500K/month Gameplan! 🔥
I've been quietly working on a game-changing strategy to scale from SMMA to a whopping $500K/month with SaaS. Yes, you read that right! 🎥 Today, at 2pm EST, I'll be premiering a video titled "From SMMA to SaaS: Gameplan $500K/Month" on YouTube. This isn't just a video – it's a blueprint of my exact plan, the steps I'm going to take, and the secret sauce that will drive the growth of my business. But here's the kicker: I'm also offering an opportunity for YOU to ride the wave with me. Ever thought of earning 40% monthly recurring commissions? Stay tuned to find out how. Set your reminders, and make sure you don't miss out! The premiere link will be in your inbox soon. See you there! 🚀
Abdul Raafi
Jeremy Samuel
Khadija Khan
Sonia Ashraf
Hamid A
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Adam Ayase: $0-$100k in 8 months
This is what happens when you do the work! Adam started the free SMMA course back in February of 2023. Now 8 months later he has been able to generate more than $100,000. And his agency is making more than $25,000 per month, insane results! Make sure to go and check out the interview by clicking here
Abdullah Rimawi
Lukasz Sadorski
Léo Chevalier
Max Perzon
Enrico Vdw
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New Media Buying Training (Spending $1M /Week) 🤯
Just published a new video inside the Media Buying Mastery module. An interview with Dave Rotheroe, the founder of Grip agency. Serving clients like Frank Kern and ClickFunnels. Managing ad accounts with our $1,000,000 per WEEK in ad spend! Enjoy!
Syed Ghazi
Dylan Hanslik
Angam Kasar
Raunak Gehlot
Samsoding Epi
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Kos Timos: $0-$137,576 in 6 months
Another crazy student interview... @Kos Timos had a rough start, making just over $14,000 in 6 months. Then he pivoted and got his niche & offer in place, the results? $23,000 /month on average for the past 6 months ($137K ) 🚀 His journey is AWESOME, go and watch the interview I did with him right now! Also, make sure to follow him on YouTube & Instagram
Dan Mirolli
Demetre Peradze
Kal Vision
Kos Timos
Raunak Gehlot
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$5,000+ SMMA August Giveaway! (Ends August 31st)
Here's what you can win: - 60-minute Coaching Call with Max (Valued at $1,000. 3 Winners) - Access to the “Invite Only” SaaS Skool Community ($200/month value. 5 winners) - $250 cash (4 winners) - Video revealing my entire business flywheel plan for the first time (Priceless. Everyone who applies receives it) Here's how to join: 1. Sign up for HighLevel using my link: or 2. Leave a review on TrustPilot. Can we reach 1,000 reviews? 3. Comment below specifying what you'd like to win, and why you believe you should win. Have any recent #wins we should know about? We'll select some winners randomly and a few based on the best comments sharing their #wins. If you haven't signed up for HighLevel yet, now's your chance! Best of luck! -Max P.S.: If you're currently an active affiliate under me, you've already completed step #1.
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Palamani Saichakri
Demetre Peradze
Shahzar Ali
Ibrahim Chibsah
Bilal Askar
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NEW YouTube Video: Follow Me Behind The Scenes
Just released a new YouTube video where you get to follow me behind the scenes. Hopefully you enjoy this new style of content! It's entertainment mixed with valuable business lessons. Let me know what you think 💪💪
Demetre Peradze
Ahmed Fauzi
Shahzar Ali
Edward Clarke
Qamar Abbas
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Limited slots. Exclusive benefits. Join the early bird list now! Get exclusive "early-bird" list bonuses when joining TODAY: 1. A chance to win a full year's access to MaxPremium once it releases. 2. Exclusive case study video where Max breaks down & reveals exactly how Frank Kern did $1.6 Million in 16 weeks reselling HighLevel. Join the early bird list now:
Palamani Saichakri
Jasjot Singh
David Holmgren
Anees Rehman
Angam Kasar
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🎉 Announcement: $5,000+ SMMA August Giveaway & Monthly Leaderboard Winners! 🎉
Congratulations to all the winners! 🎉 We will be reaching out to you shortly with details on how to claim your prizes. 🏆 60-Minute Coaching Call with Max - @Dmytro M - @Dj Boelter - @Elea Zouagui 🏆 Access to the “Invite Only” SaaS Skool Community - @Ahmed Fauzi - @Arthur Hermin - @Ricky Pospisil - @Stefan Kilian - @Jose V. Armstrong 🏆 $250 Cash Prize - @Tomasz Zarczynski - @Heewon Moon - @Tomi Dimitrijev - @Kos Timos 🏆 August Leaderboard Winners (60-minute Coaching Call with Max) - @Demetre Peradze - @Hafeez Ur Rahman - @Syed Ghazi As a special bonus for everyone who participated, here’s the video where I reveal my entire business flywheel and game plan. Check it out here: For everyone else, stay tuned for more exciting opportunities coming your way. Thanks again for being part of this amazing community! PS: A ton of more exciting stuff coming soon!
Demetre Peradze
S m Talha
Andrea Papa
Naledi Mphahlele
Thea Cruz
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Scaling to $10k/Month: Are You Next?
I recently came across a review from one of our community members who went from $0 to $10,000 in 6 months using our course. Impressive, right? (Check out their review in the attached image.) We built this community and course to help SMMA entrepreneurs like you succeed. If you're seeing similar results and consistently making $10,000 or more per month, I'd like to hear from you. Let's set up an interview and discuss your journey to inspire others. For those still paving their way, there's an opportunity to accelerate your growth. We're running our August $5,000 SMMA Giveaway. All the details on how to join are here: Participate, learn, and let’s continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Looking forward to connecting with more of you and hearing about your successes. Stay grinding, Max
Palamani Saichakri
Demetre Peradze
Josh dread King
Itai Mercy Kanyemba
Urvish Patel
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We're the #1 community on Skool! 🤯🏆
Hey team! We launched this free SMMA course community on Skool just 30 days ago... And today I'm happy to announce that we're the #1 Skool community out of ALL the Skool communities out there! We now have hundreds of success stories from people starting, running, and growing their social media marketing agencies from scratch to making money online. Some of them are now making $10-$30k+ per month, and we're just getting started. Insane! If you haven't already, make sure that you dive into the course and take massive action. Because remember: "A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins!" #LetsGetToWork! -Max PS: I want to see more #wins posts here inside the community. I will start giving out some awesome prizes to the people sharing their wins, inspiring others. So take massive action, close clients, make money, and share it with the community to win!
Raymond Lin
Saruhan Sari
Syed Ghazi
Dean Bulfon
Cesar Bernal
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🚨Ends TODAY! ($5,000+ SMMA August Giveaway)🚨
Click here to join the giveaway before it ends TODAY
Demetre Peradze
Adam Myers
Syed Ghazi
Siji Toctoc
Javier Jauregui
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Daily Snapchat Q&A's + My Plan for 2024 Revealed
Hey Team, I will start daily Q&A's on Snapchat! (@max.perzon) Ask me anything & everything regarding SMMA, No-Code SAAS & affiliate marketing. In today's video I will also be revealing my plan for 2024. This is something I've not shared before, so listen closely and take inspiration from it! Also, if you haven't already, make sure to join the August $5,000 giveaway. You find the instructions on how to join the giveaway by clicking here. #LetsGetToWork! //Max PS: I also want to acknowledge the people sharing their #wins inside the community. I've attached some screenshot below of recent win posts. Remember that winners get rewards!
Zunaira Fatima
Bamidele Arobieke
Josh dread King
Harsh Kaushik
Aya Gamal
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💰 Leaderboard Winners July 2023
A big congrats to this month leaderboard winners! $500 - @Demetre Peradze $300 - @Armandas Cizeika $200 - @Dylan Hanslik How do you win the next contest? Stay active in the community, share your wins & help others. The top 3 people on the monthly leaderboard gets a nice price! COMPLETE ACTION: Congratulate the winners to get some nice points 😎
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Emir Mustafa Akdemir
Waris Ali
Ibrahim Chibsah
Cristian Ferrari
Promise David
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Story Time: How SMMA Changed My Life (+ Important Update)
Hey team! In this video I explain exactly how I started my online business journey, launched my agency and got my first $10,500/month client. I can truly and honestly say that starting a SMMA completely changed my life. And I see more potential in the SMMA business model than ever before. Make sure to check out the video, hopefully it will inspire you to take massive action! Let's Get To Work! /Max PS: If you haven't joined the $5,000 August giveaway yet, now's the time! Click here to join!
Affan Zai
Josh dread King
Mark Robichaud
Mike Ice
Raees Ahmad
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Update Q&A Calls
Hey team! I'm in the middle of our new agency launch, it will take place this Monday! With that said, we'll have to take a continous pause on the Q&A calls until next week. This launch requires all my focus and time. Can't wait to meet you guys on the Q&A calls next week. Remember, take massive action and share your wins here inside the community. People that share their wins & sales will get rewarded handsomely! 🚀
Harsh Kaushik
Faizan Ali
Zohaib Channa
Mark McClafferty
Dylan Hanslik
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