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How to get clients successfully via cold calls outreach 📞

I have closed loads of clients in different industries on the phone and have made over 25K Cold calls,

here are my tips:

  • try to pitch a meeting in your cold calls and not a sale. Take it step by step
  • keep your script really short, say like two sentences, you want to do maximum volume on calls and you need to have an output within 10s on the call, this could be a yes, no, or a maybe.
  • Create or pitch an Irresistible offer that your target audience can't say no to. If you don't have a good offer that resonates with your targeted audience you will not make sales.
  • Speak clearly and with great energy, talking and doing sales is all about transferring energy, if you are speaking with a positive attitude, you will close more deals
  • Volume wins, don't say my script doesn't work, if you did 200 calls, my guideline is around 500-750 calls I can say after around 500-750 calls of a script is working or not
  • Keep calls short so the other person on the line can continue his day, you can make more calls and you save a lot of energy
  • Cold calls are a mental game, let every no motivate you to become closer to a Yes, I usually count the no's as a fun game :)

I hope these tips help

Kind regards,



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