Client looking to grow from 3-5 projects/month to 7-8 projects/m

Experienced Agency Owners in the HOME IMPROVMENT Niche!

I need your help!

I had a meeting yesterday with a potential client who purchased the kitchen/bathroom Remodeling company last summer. He just got rid of the previous in house marketers because the were terrible (almost no leads and the ones that came in were from all over the US). He said his biggest thing is to grow the business as he has the capacity to grow but not enough quality leads.

i have an in person meeting with him on monday. This would be my first deal but its also my first meeting. It looks like i can definitely get this deal but I need a bit a help from experienced agency owners who have gotten results.

My questions:

How much Ad Spend should I ask for to achieve desired results?

How much should my service fee be? (facebook ads+calling to qualify+Review Campaign)

How do I go about closing this deal? (in person sales process) (He knows he would be my first client but wants to see what I plan on doing for them)


He seemed interested in more than just FB ads (he was asking about improving the company website and different ways to generate clients)

Anyone with experience/results in the home improvement niche please feel free to send me a DM, I'll be preparing for this meeting all weekend and your advice is greatly appreciated


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