So you didn't hit your goal :(
so you didn’t hit your goal
and you’re feeling the vacuum of expectation
sucking out all the joy and excitement you had
in your day
what happens next?
the things that happen to everyone.
normal responses to the situation
if you had committed to it with all your soul and did everything you could
you’re probably feeling a massive emotional drain
if you had committed to it with all your words
and told the world you could
you’re probably feeling a massive social shame
if you had assigned it to yourself on a whim
and glanced at it from time to time
you’re probably feeling a sense of dismissal
“it wasn’t a serious goal anyways.. goals are useless anyways”
these things are to be expected
they happen to everyone
It’s totally normal
what happens next
is what you decide.
If you decide to re-assess.
you could be rewarded
will you hit your goal next time?
what did you do wrong?
what did you do enough of
what didn’t you do enough of
can you do more of what you did enough of?
will you?
are you sure?
If you decide
with all of your intention
to hit it next time..
you might hit it
if you are able
to remove your attachment of emotions
from hitting the last one
and refuse to re-attach your emotions
to the next
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