RIP Growth at all costs
It never made any sense to me
Why does everyone think you need to invest a lot into your product
and then raise capita
land then hope you can sell what you’ve built
when the best entrepreneurs
Branson, Musk, even Jobs
used product sales (and sometimes pre-sold) to fund their products
whether it was flights, cars, pcs, or phones
why does everyone think
that you need to raise massive amounts of money
to build something meaningful
when the ubers and weworks
are still struggling to be profitable
and the blitzscaling guy had to sell to win
rather than build to last
it doesn’t make any sense to me
why the biggest companies in the world
accumulate cash like its their job (it's yours too)
and others raise and spend
like a rich kid
that was born wealthy
and dies unproductive
maybe I’m just confused
or maybe
if you do what everyone else does
you’re going to get their results
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