If You're Doubting Yourself - Read This
If you’re not getting the results you need… it’s a function of commitment.
How do you know if you’re committed enough?
Quantify commitment and evaluate if it's enough (quick hint here: it’s not enough).
The only two ways to quantify commitment are: 1. time and 2. money
How much time are you investing into getting the results you need? Invest more.
Ruthlessly cut out non-essentials.
How much money are you investing into getting the results you need?
Find a way to invest more.
The most successful entrepreneurs in our accelerator programs, hell the most successful founders anywhere, are ALWAYS pot committed.
If you don’t understand that poker reference it means every second of every day and every dollar in their pocket is committed to getting the result that they need.
Doing so guarantees the outcome.
Check out the screenshot at the end of this post:
That is what commitment looks like. That founder knows that the work put in, the time spent, the commitment guarantees the outcome.
He doesn't give up on the prospect that seemingly will never close. He doesn't take his foot off the gas. He's relentless.
That's what commitment looks like.
Here's my point:
Maybe you have a family… maybe you’re dating…and maybe some of you have other responsibilities that you’ve committed yourself to before you started your business, or recommitted to your goals in life when you first interacted with our accelerator.
For those of you - it's important to reframe those commitments as micro-commitments to your big hairy audacious goal. To your mission.
To helping others in the world and leaving the world a better place than when you came into it.
To what really matters.
And for those of you that say, I can’t… this pandemic, this last work sprint, this team member has worn me out or broken me down.
Take a deep breath.
Let a microsecond allow your nervous system to reset.
Remember who you are: someone that never lets life get in the way of what you’re here to do.
and then go forth and conquer.
Apoorva Pande
If You're Doubting Yourself - Read This
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