Gametime, Practice, and Rest
Can I tell you a secret?
nobody is on
365 days a year
nobody is buff
365 days a year
Nobody is productive
365 days a year
nobody is happy
Nobody is successful
nobody is gaining momentum
365 days a year
somewhere along the line
we all bought into the idea that we should be
that variance doesn’t exist
that the world is binary
and you either are the guy
or you arent
I promise you
you won't push your way to success
it will help
it will be fun to push
but what really gets you there
is your rest
and your practice
athletes play a couple of hours a week
they practice 10s of hours a week
and they rest 80+ hours a week
what you see
them in a game
is when some of them are going the hardest
the twist?
those some are average
the best go the hardest during practice
and during rest
the reason you’re stalled
is that what you’re comparing yourself to
is average
and that
my friend
is exhausting
If you really want to be better
rest better
so that you can practice better
so the game
that which truly matters to you
and what makes you come alive
will be easy
and fun
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