Four Stages of Business
As you go through the process of growing your business, there will be four stages that require priority over one thing. Most people can't grow because they focus on a further stage too early, and the lack of a foundation keeps them from growing predictably.
Let us know what stage you're in below:
Converting - something that consistently brings results - at at least 20-40%/
Offer - a document that's read to your customer that outlines your customer journey, product features, and support model
Predictable - a process that brings in similar results for revenue or profit quarter on quarter (or better)
Traffic Channel - One platform that brings you positive leads weekly (or daily)
Reliable - someone that brings you energy and helps organize your business
Executive - someone that commits to KPIs and exceeds them
System - a group of processes that have predictable outputs based on what inputs you give it
Operators - A class of human beings that take complete ownership over monetary outcomes of a business. You will know when you have a great one when you stop worrying about certain pieces of the business and they come to you with their worries & solutions.
1. $0-200k/year - One Self Funding Offer
2. $200k-1m/year - One Predictable Tech Stack
3. $1m-10m/year - One Reliable Executive
4. $10m-100m/year - One System for Acquiring Leaders
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Apoorva Pande
Four Stages of Business
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