Choose one: Wealthy, Happy, or Free
In this world
you can either be wealthy
or free
to be wealthy is nice
wealth can help a lot of people
and to increase it you must help more
it's a nice way to live,
provided lifestyle doesn’t dig its parasitic claws into your senses
to be happy…
heralded as life's true calling in this 21st century
is to live a meaningless life
not one that is useless…
but simply without meaning
for it is meaning,
that steals away the chemicals that you call happy
to be free...
is dangerous.
for freedom has a lack of structure
a lack of path,
a lack of lines
within which to draw
indecision wracks your very limbs
and you devolve into your very base self
when you’re wealthy for long enough
and claim it as your north star
its cousin
shall come alongside
when you’re happy
for long enough
and place its name
atop of where you live
while removing layers and layers of meaning
from your life
what shall you truly become?
when you’re free
for long enough
and survive beyond the barrage of options
you shall decide what to do
while you’re hereon this planet.
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