3 Things to Consider Before a Turnaround
What takes you from only making 3k a month profit on a 7 figure business to 150k a month profit?
or from -$1.5m in debt to $6m in the business bank account
From 60k a year in sales to 8.7m
From 100k months to 800k in a month?
From hoping you can pay your bills to turning down 150-250k investments
From praying to god for a way out to saying no to 2 million dollar investments
From thinking you’ll never be profitable to having multiple 7 figures in profit and saying hell no to acquisition offers
From reverse mortgaging your house and selling assets to being worth 10s of millions and planning for a billion
We’ve helped people do all of the above within a year, sometimes within a quarter.
It really boils down to three things:
  1. belief. that its possible.
  2. trust. that you’re not an asshole
  3. asking. yourself the truth: will you do it?
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