We get Gyms & Fitness Coaches to increase their paid memberships by 2-3x within 30 days, NO AD SPEND.
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Market Growth Hacker | Leaving a legacy of service. Building a better world.
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South Africa
Test Bot
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Owner of software development agency. Refer me a Mobile App or Web Development client and Earn your Commission. WhatsApp me +919871371159
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CA, United States
Run a product dev studio called Wow Labz. 200+ Apps, 10+ Awards covering consumer, enterprise (data products mostly), blockchain, AI and XR
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Bangalore, India
Hard Video Editing and Graphic Design, but more focus in value content first
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Found of Opti-mized IoT device to help facilities gain clarity Passionate around learning growth, personal development & fitness
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Reinventing the hiring process
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Founder, CEO of TEXINSIGHT - Newky Family guy Loves team sports
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2x Startup Founder. Long time startup worker. Even longer time knitter.
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Enterpreneur serving humanity
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CEO of Netframe.org
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Health tech founder
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White guy building a startup in India
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Professor of AI CEO Wisdom Works
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Startup Scout
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Dad. First-time founder @ Dash. Retired firefighter: 23 years in L.A. CliftonStrengths 1. Belief 2. Learner 3. Harmony 4. Responsibility 5. Achiever
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Redondo Beach, California
I'm working to build an edTech product that I hope will help students in a modern classroom
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