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Welcome to FLOW ST8, where you can experience the revolutionary new concept "Mixed Modality Training" and join the Holistic Movement!
You can use the Workout Vault to do any of our Workouts, Meditations or Breath work sessions as you please
Do the "FLOW for 30" 30 Day Challenge as we take you on a Holistic Wellness Journey!
This is perfectly designed to slowly increase in difficulty each week as it takes you on a journey of
  • Stabilising all major joints
  • Form and postural correction
  • Joint mobility
  • Restore rang of motion with and without loads
  • Build muscle
  • Develop all round movement mastery and athleticism
  • Build endurance, agility, balance, style, body & mind connection
  • To retrain your breathing patterns
  • Build your meditation practice
  • And leave you living in flow!
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FLOW ST8  All Access
Experience the revolutionary new fitness concept
Mixed Modality Training integrates multiple modalities into a single all in one flow
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